Lil’ Wayne Makes Another Song, This Time For Michael Phelps

lil-wayne-michael-phelpsTotal Pro Sports – Beware!  Sports fever is going around, and it seems as though Lil’ Wayne has caught a severe case of it.  That is probably the only way to explain his new career choice which involves making songs about every big name athlete he can possibly think of.  Last time we brought you the infamous Kobe Bryant” song (unfortunately we don’t expect Kobe’s rape accuser to follow suit and sing about other athletes as well).  This time around its Michael Phelps’ turn to be the subject of Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics.  And what lyrics they are!

Perhaps it is just me, but why does it seem as though Lil’ Wayne can get away with rhyming “things” with “things”.  Someone may want to get this guy a dictionary.  In the meantime, his new tribute to Phelps, titled “I’m A Go Getta”, mentions the swimming star in the intro when he states, “Michael Phelps, this is for you baby.”

Maybe all that pot smoking is paying off for Phelps.  He now has some street credit among rappers, and what better way to reap the rewards than have your own song made by Lil’ Wayne.  So who’s next to have their own song?  My money is on Reggie Bush.  “Bush” can rhyme with a fair amount of “real” words, not to mention all the ones that Lil’ Wayne makes up himself.

Here is his song “I’m A Go Getta.”

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