Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Minor League Lacrosse Game

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Minor League Lacrosse GameTotal Pro Sports – Much like hockey, lacrosse can be an extremely rough game, and as a result fighting often comes with the territory.  A fight between two combatants is never too difficult for the refs to break up, but what do you do when more than twenty fighters are involved.  Anyone got a fire hose?

A reader sent us this video, recorded by phone as they watched the fight break out.  It took place over the weekend, at a minor league lacrosse game involving 15-year-olds between Uxbridge vs Clarington.  Several fights seem to be going on at once, and as some come to an end, others begin.  Finally, order is restored, but not before hundreds of punches have been thrown.

As for the parents in the stands, they seemed to be under control, only yelling at the players and refs to end the madness.  That’s good news.  The last thing that needed to be added to this mess was a flying Bruce Lee kick over a couple of rows of seats, a la Yankee fans.

This incident brought back memories of the all out brawl that ensued about three months back between the Tri-City Americans and the Spokane Chiefs.  Similar madness, but with increased numbers.  Luckily no one took a page out of the Elias Grossmann playbook and attacked a ref.

We encourage you all to continue sending you videos.  In the meantime, check out the footage of the brawl.

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