Red Wings Limo Take An Unwelcome Ride Through Pittsburgh

Red Wings Limo Take An Unwelcome Ride Through PittsburghTotal Pro Sports – If you have visited Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings this post-season, you must have had the opportunity to see the Red Wings Limo.  It is the long automobile on monster tires painted in the Red and White colors of the Wings, and is parked right outside the arena.  TPS was lucky enough to get a pic of the beast when we attended game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Now the beast is on the road, headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the Penguins and game 6 of the best-of-seven championship series between the Red Wings and the hometown Pens.  So how would the Red Wings Limo be treated upon entering enemy territory?  As you may have expected, with plenty of raised middle fingers and potty mouths that would even put MLB umpire Mike Winters to shame.

Fox News in Detroit buckled up for the ride with Patrick Mifsud of Entertainment Express, owner of the Hockeytown moblie, as they hit the road for Pittsburgh.  With the cameras rolling, what they saw was quite impressive.  People screaming obscenities, giving unkind hand gestures, a school bus full of kids booing, and even one man driving public transit decided to open his door and poke fun at the Detroit Lions.  HAHAHA!  Poor Lions.  Always the brunt of Detroit haters’ punchlines.

The cameras even caught Penguins coach Dan Bylsma walking the streets.  He wasn’t too impressed with the limo.  We unfortuantely have the same feelings towards his Pittsburgh Pirates shirt.  Sorry Dan, but you will never be a winner dawning the atire of such losers.

With game six slated for Tuesday night, the Pens will have to win if they want to send the Wings and their traveling mascot back to Detroit cupless.  Should this series reach a seventh and deciding game, TPS will be there to take in the action.  And so will the Red Wings Limo.

Hat Tip Video – [Busted Coverage]

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