Rodney Harrison Says NFL Is “Soft.” May We Suggest HGH?

Rodney HarrisonTotal Pro Sports – Along with Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison will be joining the NBC’s NFL broadcast team, and as his first order of business he wants everyone to know that he thinks the NFL is becoming a “soft, pansy sport.”  So Rodney, do you have any suggestions to toughen things up?  How bout some HGH? In an interview Friday with Sirius NFL “Opening Drive” host Big Papa, Harrison voiced his concern over the direction that he feels the league is headed in:

“Football now is turning into a soft, pansy sport. This is not volleyball! This is not tennis! This is some of the biggest, fastest, strongest men in the world. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I went out on my own terms. It won’t bother me anymore … They need to put some more defensive players in that NFL front office. [NFL director of football operations and finemeister] Gene Washington is an offensive guy. Do you think he wants to turn on the TV and see his fellow receivers get their head knocked off? He never liked me in the first place. But that’s fine. They need to put defensive players in the office so we won’t have such a biased opinion from one guy.” []

Its no surprise that the man many would consider to be the dirtiest player ever to take the field is complaining about the NFL’s agenda to clean the game up and make it free of vicious head shots.  Sorry Rodney, but some players have brains and would prefer to have them remain functioning following their NFL careers. As for Harrison’s bid to enter the Hall of Fame, I would strongly consider leaving such a name out.  Although he has put up great numbers and has the championship rings as well, the former Pats star was booked and suspended by the league in 2007 for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.  While he denied using steroids, he did admit to using human growth hormones.  He said it was to accelerate the healing process after various injuries, but the bottom line remains that he cheated and got caught.

Hopefully the NFL takes a cue from the MLB (not often you hear someone say that) and rejects those who bring a black-eye to the game.  If Barry Bonds can’t get into Cooperstown (it looks like he wont for a while at least), then how can you accept Harrison into Canton?  Let the debate begin.

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