When Umpire Mike Winters Calls A Strike, He Is Not F*cking Kidding!

Mike WintersTotal Pro Sports – Technology in sports is a beautiful thing.  Not only have we been blessed with great angles and views to watch every home run, goal, basket, or whatever other outstanding play can be made in sports, but now we can hear the action as well thanks to the notion of players and officials being “mic’d up.”  Although it may be great to us fans, sometimes it prohibits those playing the game to express their true emotions in an effort to keep it PG rated.  Then you have MLB umpire Mike Winters who pretty much doesn’t give a flying f*ck.

During Saturday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies, Fox television was kind enough to stick their mics close enough to the plate to hear the friendly debate that ensued following a Matt Kemp strikeout.  The pitch appeared to be outside, and Kemp felt the same way, questioning Winters’ call.  How did the man behind the plate respond?  Taking a page out the Alex Rios playbook, he gave Kemp a simple, “I’m not fucking kidding you.”  That’s a large improvement from the “fucking piece of shit, shut the fuck up and play the game” that Milton Bradley received before tearing his ACL in the popular incident a few years back.

It would be interesting to see if Bud Selig disciplines Winters again (he was suspended following the incident with Bradley in 2007).  Swearing is part of the game, like it or not, and emotions can get the best of us sometimes, but maybe Winters needs to take a fucking chill pill.  I guess there is no changing his decision.  Not even with the magic of Ron Gardenhire.

Here is Mike Winters most recent outbreak.

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