Anderson “Spider” Silva Does His Best Bruce Lee Impression

Anderson "Spider" Silva Does His Best Bruce Lee ImpressionTotal Pro Sports – Ever wish you could fight like Bruce Lee?  I’m sure we have all had such ideas.  Come on now, who wouldn’t want to be giving others flying kicks.  Its the perfect move when you find yourself in a fight while watching a game at the new Yankee Stadium.  Well now there is an instructional video that can help you “Enter the Dragon,” and although Bruce Lee is unavailable to teach you all his moves (due to the fact he suffers from the handicap of being dead), the next best thing is here to teach you.  None other than UFC middleweight champion Anderson “Spider” Silva.

The Brazilian 34-year-old, known as much for his humor as his ability to knock out opponents, got in front of the camera for the MMA Ultimate Instructional Set and showed some of his moves.  Or should we say, some of Bruce’s moves.

It is rather funny and impressive at the same time.  Silva not only has the moves down, but he also has the sound effects perfected.  Who better to mimic the most influential martial artist ever than the world’s current best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist (although I would assume George St. Pierre would have something to say about that).

With Silva’s next UFC opponent still up in the air, he will have plenty of time to continue working on his Bruce Lee impressions.  Fighters may want to take note.  The flying sidekick might become just another weapon in The Spider’s vast arsenal.

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