Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun At Nike Puppet Commercials

Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun At Nike Puppet CommercialsTotal Pro Sports – Just when the popularity of the Nike puppet commercials were becoming larger than life, the Orlando Magic had to come along and ruin the fun.  Now what are we supposed to make of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James’ adventures with Lil’ Dez, not to mention the X-rated version of their babysitting episode.  Well thankfully Jimmy Kimmel has a solution that just may work.

Rather than continue to try and force-feed viewers into accepting Kobe and LeBron, Kimmel came up with a new version.  Meet the Dwight Howard puppet.  It may not have arms, legs, a nose, or many other features that you would expect, but it sure is him, or at least that’s who they say it is.

Shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this parody is hilarious.  Kobe even remarks as to how sick Howard looks.  Dwight’s response to that is, “Oh, because I don’t have arms.”  Ya Dwight, that just might be it.  Or maybe it was when your eyeball fell off, or when you refused to dance because you don’t have legs.

We here at TPS think Kimmel may be on to something.  Our suggestion?  That Nike get on this train quickly before its too late.  With the Lakers up 2-0 in the series, it may be over earlier than expected.  Thankfully Kimmel already has a Dwight Howard puppet ready to go.

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