NBC Tells Fans To Watch Game 6 Of Stanley Cup Finals At Home

Hurricanes Penguins HockeyTotal Pro Sports – There has been no bigger party crasher at this year’s Stanley Cup Finals than NBC.  First they put the NHL in a position where they were forced to play games one and two back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.  That did not work out all that bad and the fans did not seem to mind the quick turnaround, but now the American broadcasting giants have gone too far with their latest move.

The “Joe Vision” broadcast of tonight’s game has been canceled.  So to has the telecast which was set for Pittsburgh’s outdoor plaza.  Fans have grown accustom to watching their teams play outside the arena on jumbo screens with thousands of other fans.  It is a scene that hockey fans live for.  The celebration of goals, saves and victories which bring many of these people together has been halted, all in the name of ratings.

This may be one of the more shameful acts ever committed by a large broadcasting corporation.  With ticket prices well over $100 US, many can not afford to see the game from inside.  Now they will not be able to watch it from outside either.  That is because NBC has the rights to the broadcast and has ordered that it not be shown out in front of the arenas.  Why?  Because that would mean thousands of televisions will not be tuned in to watch.

So whats the big deal with having a few thousand TVs turned off for the night anyways?  Well that would result in NBC losing a fraction of a ratings point, which determines advertising rates.  There are many things that make this decision by NBC so troubling:

1.  These “arena vision” broadcasts charge viewers $5 per ticket with all proceeds going to charity.  That’s Right!  NBC is pretty much robbing a charity with their selfish act.

2.  As already mentioned, those who wish to have the great fan experience but can not afford to watch the game from inside the arena have been robbed as well.  Especially with the economic situation that Americans are finding themselves in (and Detroit of all places), this is a cruel move that clearly indicates a lack of humility on the part of NBC’s CEOs.  Guess at least some will be doing financially well for themselves.

3.  NBC wants those TVs at home to be turned on, and watching their station, rather than they being turned off and fans watching it together.  Have we forgotten about our environment and the possibility of saving electricity.  NBC sure has.

So here is my suggestion to you all.  Watch the game tonight, but do all you can to avoid watching it on NBC.  If you can get it on CBC, watch it there.  Go to a bar.  Do anything, but do not give in to the giant.  Let them know how you feel.  Write a letter, or even boycott NBC, although that should not be hard with the kind of crap they broadcast anyways.

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