Ochocinco: Me And Palmer Are Like Brokeback Mountain

ochocinco-palmerTotal Pro Sports – There is perhaps no relationship in sports filled with more drama than that between a quarterback and his wide receiver.  We have seen it time and time again.  Terrell Owens is the most prominent figure in such disputes, but recently we have seen a similar love-hate affair between Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and quarterback Carson Palmer.

Well rumor has it that all is well in Bengal town.  In fact, Ochocinco has even gone so far as to compare their relationship to the homosexually themed movie “Brokeback Mountain”.  In a recent interview Chad had the following to say:

“I know people are trying to say we’re mad at each other and all that, but we’re good.  We’re like Brokeback Mountain. I’m going to be with Carson so much in July that I’m going to be the nanny (for his new twins).  I’m going to babysit. We were getting down to the details. If he and the wife go out, they have to be back by three. I asked for permission to have company over.” [Bengals.com]

That’s good news for Bengals fans if they wish to see their team get back to where they were a couple of seasons back, when it looked like they had taken a large step forward and were no longer the joke of the NFL.  Since their playoff loss to the Steelers at the end of the 2005 season, things have gone down hill, and much of that has been attributed to the declining play of their offense, mainly Chad Ochocinco (not to mention a consistently poor defense, but that was the case even when they were good).

Ochocinco is looking to regain that hunger inside him and if he can do so, he and his partner Carson Palmer may be able to find a way for the Bengals to sneak into the playoffs through the backdoor (this pun is defiantly intended).

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