Angels Ervin Santana Says “F*ck It, Lets Pitch” On Live TV

Ervin Santana Says Fuck It Lets Pitch On Live TV

Total Pro Sports – When a reporter puts his mic to the mouth of a professional athlete, there is no telling what will be said next.  Often we are faced with the same boring questions, which produce the same boring answers, but following a game against the Detroit Tigers last week, Anaheim Angels pitcher Ervin Santana had some interesting words for viewers.

Santana was seen sporting a bloody nose throughout the game.  It had little effect on his performance, pitching 8 2/3 innings, allowing only one run on six hits while striking out seven.  When asked about the nose on a live television interview following the game, he had this to say:

“When I was throwing in the bullpen, warming up, it started bleeding.  I just put this in my nose and I just said f*ck it, lets pitch.”

Strong words from a strong armed man.  And “f*ck it, lets pitch” is exactly what he did.  His reaction once he realizes what he said is great.  A little smirk, then a laugh.  Looks like Santana has been listening to one too many sounds bites from Sportsnet broadcaster Roger Millions.  Or maybe it was the recent outburst by Blue Jays Alex Rios on a fan that was stuck in his head.  Whatever it was, you can bet he will think a little harder about what he says next time he is put in front of the camera.

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