Keith Eloi’s Pre-Season Trainning Includes Truck Jumping

Keith Eloi’s Pre-Season Trainning Includes Truck JumpingTotal Pro Sports – The NFL combine has always been a place for upcoming stars to display their skills and amazing athletic abilities.  These days Washington Redskins’ rookie receiver Keith Eloi has found another place to showcase his talents.  In the parking lot.

With the camera recording, Eloi sets himself up in front of a pickup truck at the parking lot of the Redskins training facility.  Teammates point out that it is all real.  No tricks of deception or anything here, and Eloi is not even wearing shoes.  Instead he has flip-flops and socks on.  Hardly the footwear you want to be wearing before making such a leap.  A quick moment to get himself ready, then he does it.  Leaps from outside the back of the truck into it.  The hatch is not down.  He does not use anything to give him a boost.  It’s like pole vaulting without the pole.  It’s all Eloi.  Talk about having a good vertical.

At the end, one of his teammates yells into the camera “jump out the pool on that.”  In case you are wondering what he is talking about, you can take a look here at Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a pool.

So now that brings us to the debate of which is more amazing.  Keith Eloi’s truck jump, or Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a pool.  You be the judge (vote below).

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