WGN Reporter Dunks On Little Child, Makes Him Cry

WGN Reporter Dunks On Little Child, Makes Him CryTotal Pro Sports – Ever wonder what it feels like to be Shaq.  Playing basketball as a man among little boys.  Dominating under the rim.  One reporter from WGN was wondering just that.  Unfortunately, he made the defense cry.

Caught on live TV, sports reporter Pat Tomasulo was playing some basketball with the young child when he posted him up, slammed the ball through the rim, then proceeded to taunt the little guy.  Poor kid was left in tears and ran to his father crying.  Good thing dad was a nice guy, else Pat could have had his life threatened like a certain Mexican reporter did by Randy Orton.

As Pat was ridiculed by his fellow reporters back at the news station, the kids mom picked her child up, made him slam dunk the ball, then rubbed it back in Pat’s face.  At least he was able to watch his language through the whole thing.  Roger Millions may want to take notes.

It was a rather odd moment, but a funny one if you ask me.  Pat Tomasulo would even go on to talk about how good the dunk made him feel, and how young children are soft these days.  I agree Pat.  That young boy will be met with many disappointing events throughout his life, like being told a sports reporter is at your house, only to see Tomasulo rather than Erin Andrews or Heidi Watney.  He has to start learning to deal with it sometime.

Hat Tip Video – [The Big Lead] via [Mouthpiece]

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