Pole Vault Attempt Ends In Explosion

Pole Vault Attempt Ends In ExplosionTotal Pro Sports – Running at high speeds, jabbing a long pole into the ground, then using it to elevate several feet in the air can be dangerous at times.  Especially when that very pole holding you up decides to snap.  With those poles being made of fiberglass, such an incident is not only threatening to the athlete, but to spectators as well.

At a track meet, on guy’s pole just wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pressure (no, I’m not talking about the types of poles Ronaldo is used to staring down).  Just as he began to elevate, SNAP!  He landed on his head, but fortunately was on the mat and would be okay.  Fans watching were just as lucky, with the pole fragments hitting the ground, rather than someone’s head.

Maybe pole vaulting can be as dangerous as watching a Yankee game.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the athlete even got a round of applause for his remarkable achievement.  It’s not everyday that someone successfully snaps their pole like that.  Viagra may want to look into using this for their next commercial.  Maybe that’s what his pole needed to stay firm.

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