Reebok Asks Magic Marcin Gortat To Cover Up Tattoo

Reebok Asks Marcin Gortat To Cover Up TattooTotal Pro Sports – A conflict of interests has Magic center Marcin Gortat at a crossroads.  His decision?  Between battling athletic apparel companies Nike and Reebok.  And no it is not a decision on who’s million dollar contract to take.

Gortat has an Air Jordan tattoo on his right leg.  This has Reebok, whom the Magic big man has a small money contract with, up in arms as they are not pleased with one of their own advertising the competition.  They asked him to cover it up with socks or makeup, but Gortat is not interested in such alternatives:

“‘They called and said I had to do something about it, but that ain’t going to happen,’ Gortat said after Tuesday morning’s workout.

‘I’ve been wearing it 4-5 years now, and it helped me get to the NBA. They didn’t say anything about it when I signed the contract, so it’s not going anywhere. I don’t think they are paying me enough to take it off.’ […]

‘I’ve heard from other people that even other players, if they don’t know my name, they know I’m the big white guy with the Jordan tattoo,’ he said. ‘I like that. Reebok will have to get used to that.'” [Ball Don’t Lie]

This was close to being the only interesting thing to come out of the NBA Finals between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Thankfully, Gortat’s team held on late to earn their first victory of the series, making it 2-1 in favor of the Lakers.  As for the “big white guy with the Jordan tattoo,” he finished with 0 points in just over four minutes.  At least he is finding some way to make a name for himself.  Should come in handy when he’s looking for this next shoe deal.

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