This Guy Can Sure Juggle A Soccer Ball

spartak-hamitiTotal Pro Sports – The only way he could explain it was “a gift of God concentrated on his feet.”  That seems about right when you consider the skills that 50-year-old Spartak Hamiti has displayed with the soccer ball.

Ball juggling is his thing, setting the world record in 1992 after he kept a soccer ball up for 4 hours and 29 minutes, traveling a total distance of 10 miles.  An amazing accomplishment that he says began when he saw boys in his neighborhood juggling different types of balls.  He claims that he began practicing as well, but had to divorce from his friends when he took the skill to the next level.

This video of Spartak doing his thing is rather funny, seeing him cross the street or walk along it while juggling the soccer ball.  It’s amazing to see that he is not even phased by the oncoming cars.  As for the end of the clip, we aren’t sure what type of ball he is kicking when he passes the sheep, but it looks more like the type that Avril Lavigne enjoys signing.  Or should we say, the type that Alex Rios prefers not to sign.

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