Inline Skater Franky Morales Pulls Off A Crazy 900

Inline Skater Franky Morales Pull Off A Crazy 900Total Pro Sports – Franky Morales began on the top platform of a ramp.  About 12 feet, and two and a half spins later, and he was gliding his way into Xtreme Sport immortality.

Many people will only speak of it, but little have attempted the 900, let alone land it.  It is a difficult enough trick to simply perform.  Two and a half rotations can seemingly take forever to execute when gravity is pulling your body to the earth at alarming rates.  Even when achieved successfully, the hardest part has yet to come.  Landing it!  Just jumping from 12 feet off the ground brings enormous amounts of shock to one’s feet and legs.  Trying to cushion that in the midst of multiple rotations only adds to the degree of difficulty.

At the Movistar Barcelona Xtreme 2009, Franky Morales attempted the difficult trick and landed it to the thunderous ovation of the many fans in attendance.  Such achievements prove that Xtreme sports are more than just kids getting high and skating, or doing “magic mushrooms” and going crazy on their roof.  And it also isn’t about the falls, although sometimes those provide interesting clips as well (click here for proof).

It is a great moment for everyone in Xtreme sports when a fellow athlete executes a trick of such high difficulty.  That is what creates the aura which surrounds Xtreme sports.  The common goal off all competitors not only to win, but to push each other in an attempt to defy gravity.

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