Steve Nash Covers NBA Finals For Letterman Show

steve-nashTotal Pro Sports – Throughout his career Steve Nash has won two NBA MVP awards, played in six All-Star games, made it to the conference finals twice, but has never been in the NBA Finals.  This year he got his chance.  Only problem is he isn’t there as a player.  Instead, he is at this years finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic as a reporter for The Late Show with David Letterman.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Canadian basketball star, not only can he deliver on the court, but his performance behind the scenes with a mic in his hand may now have some wondering what his greatest talent really is.

Prior to showing the clip, Nash admits to David Letterman that he believed it would be the Cavs taking on the Lakers.  No worries there Steve.  You aren’t alone.  Nike had been on the same track for the entire playoffs as well, evident in their Kobe vs. LeBron ads.

Staying calm in front of the camera, Nash takes up several interviews with a wide array of individuals, including Robert Horry (yes, the same Robert Horry that bodychecked him in the playoffs a couple years ago), and Jeff Van Gundy.  His questions are great, but none better than when he asks Jeff whether his brother Stan, coach of the Magic, ever got laid in high school.  We are still waiting on that answer.

Nash also tried to get courtside, but it seems as though getting by security at an NBA game is a bit more difficult than doing so at the French Open.  Guess it can be hard for a smaller white guy to convince someone he is a basketball player.

Regardless of such barriers, Nash was still able to provide some great laughs.  Now that he has been to the Finals, the only thing remaining is playing in one.

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