Female Fan Threatens Dana White For A Pic

Female Fan Threatens Dana White For A PicTotal Pro Sports – What better way to get the attention of Dana White than by threatening to kill him.  That’s what one drunk and unbelievably loud woman did in Sacramento as seen on the UFC owner’s video blog.

In the June 8th edition, Dana attends the World Extreme Cagefighting 41 event to watch former UFC fighter Jens Pulver.  Hopefully he stayed around to catch Jose Aldo’s vicious knee.  At one point in the night, Dana was off signing autographs (take that Alex Rios).  As he was taking pictures with fans, one female was working her hardest to get his attention.  Bending over the railing in her rather low-cut shirt, she gave him several shots in the arm while yelling his name.  When she finally did get him to come over, she tried to get another picture, at least it sounds like that was sprinkled somewhere in between all the expletives.

Dana took it all in humor and it even seemed as though he and the female were familiar with each other.  He respects his fans and recognizes that although sometimes drunk (and possibly obnoxious), they are the driving force behind the UFC.  And what’s not to like about a drunk aggressive female fan.  They are the one’s who will flash players at a hockey game!

Here is the blog.  There are some other great scenes, like Dana and some others making fun of a member of his entourage, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson even makes an appearance.  The encounter with the fan takes place at about the 30 second mark.

Hat Tip Video – [Cagewriter]

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