Mike Singletary Will Make Grown Men Cry

mike-singletaryTotal Pro Sports-  The San Francisco 49ers have been pretty bad over the last couple of years.  Now that Mike Singletary is the coach maybe he can whip them into shape through he no-nonsense approach to the game. I think that having Singletary coach San Fran is just what the doctor ordered to get them back on track.  They need a disciplinarian like him to help get that young team into the win column.  So what if he makes the odd player cry.

It is being reported that Singletary recently ripped first-round pick Michael Crabtree for running routes before he was medically cleared to do so.  Apparently, Singletary almost made the young wide-out cry in the process.  Here is what happened in his own crazy words.

“I’ve got nothing against you. I’m not angry or anything. I just want you to know, you have to do everything the doctors want you to do so that you can get better.’ I said, ‘I’m not worried about what you can do.’ I said, ‘I know. We drafted you at No. 10. We know what you can do. We just want to make sure that when you come out here, you’re ready to go.’ So, he’s done the things that he needs to do, spending a lot of time with (receivers coach Jerry] Sullivan. I know Jerry is excited about what he’s seeing as well.”(TheScoresReport)

It doesn’t seem all the bad in this format, but juts imagine Coach Singletary screaming this at the top of his lungs with his trademark eyes bulging out of his head.

Another player who knows all about the wrath of Singletary is underachieving tight end Vernon Davis, who was publicly embarrassed by Singletary last season.  It made for one of the most entertainer post-game rants ever.