Young Kid Shows Off Some Great Hockey Tricks

Young Kid Shows Off Some Great Hockey Tricks

Total Pro Sports – We are used to hearing stories about kids playing hockey on their backyard rinks, or having ball hockey games with their friends on the street.  Now with all the sweet moves we see guys like Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby pull off these days, more kids are inclined to practice some cool hockey tricks, rather than their basic stick handling or slap shots.

This kid is a prime example, and all those hours of practice have sure payed off.  He shows some great control with the puck in front of his house, scooping it and twirling his stick around in several directions, all while keeping the puck on his blade.  His stick control is a lot better than Tomas Surovy’s.  I guess he is the hockey equivalent of this soccer dribbler.

We may one day see this youngster in the NHL.  But as long as he continues to watch today’s great superstars like Pavel Datsyuk and Evgeni Malkin score goals like this, you can be he will have no problem keeping motivated.  Someone may also want to show him their contracts once he learns enough math to calculate such large numbers.

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