Milton Bradley’s Kindness Results In Terrible Error

Milton Bradley's Kindness Results In Terrible ErrorTotal Pro Sports – Friday June 12th may go down as Milton Bradley’s worst day of work ever.  When considering the types of days this Chicago Cubs outfielder has had, that can be quite scary.  If he is looking for ways to deal with the expected taunting from fans, he will likely want to avoid following in the footsteps of Alex Rios.

While the generous box score only has him down for one error during the Cubs 7-4 loss to the Twins, he could have very well been pegged for a couple more.  Early in the game, Bradley was caught making a base running error.  That would be the least of his worries as his poor luck was only beginning.  Later in the game he terribly misjudged a fly ball that would land several feet in front of him.  That was largely the result of the sun, which was out in full force during a bright Chicago afternoon.  Maybe they should reconsider those day games at Wrigley field.  Sadly enough the worse was yet to come.

In the top of the eighth inning, with runners on first and third and ONE out (notice the emphasis in capital letters), Joe Mauer hit a routine fly ball to Bradley, who made the catch.  He was so pleased with his accomplishment that he posed for the crowd for a few seconds before throwing the ball into the stands not realizing that there was only two outs.  One individual may have been happy to receive the souvenir, but the other several thousand Cubs fans in attendance were incensed over the costly error.  Luckily no fights broke out as a result.

Also unimpressed was Cubs manager Lou Piniella, who spoke about the brain-fart Bradley experienced.  Poor Milton was also disappointed in his play that day, but remained in a good mood during interviews.  After all, he was only trying to give someone a souvenir, and the fan who caught it will also have a great story to go along with his new piece of memorabilia.

Here is the clip of Milton’s Error

And here is the highlight again, but this time with Piniella and Bradley’s interviews.

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