Overjoyed Petr Sykora Drops F-Bomb During Stanley Cup Lift

Overjoyed Petr Sykora Drops F-Bomb During Stanley Cup LiftTotal Pro Sports – Talk about being overcome with emotions.  We aren’t sure if Pittsburgh Penguins forward Petr Sykora was filled with joy after lifting the Stanley Cup or in serious pain from skating with a broken foot (which prevented him from playing in the deciding game 7), but he sure did make himself heard on live television.

During the Penguins’ Stanley Cup skate following their 2-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings, Sykora was in line to get his chance at skating around with the cup over his head.  After having it passed to him by teammate Miroslav Satan, he hoisted Lord Stanley and yelled enthusiastically,  “Ya! Fu*kin’ Right!”  Thankfully NBC’s on ice cameras were able to catch the great sound bite.

Sykora has now added his name to a long list of athletes and other members of the sporting world who have had a slip of the tongue caught on live TV.  Much like MLB umpire Mike Winters’ swearing rant, Sykora may not have realized just who would be listening.  Perhaps he has watched one to many editions of Coaches Corner.  Don Cherry’s f-bombs have a way of entrenching themselves in the minds of others.  Even Ervin Santana may have been a victim.

The pain of a broken foot was not enough to keep Sykora off the ice for this great moment, and when given the chance to hoist the Cup, he made the best of it.  Fu*kin’ Right Petr!

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