Balls Fly During Naked Mens Rugby Match

balls-fly-during-naked-mens-rugby-matchTotal Pro Sports – This was likely the most awkward scrum ever witnessed in a rugby match.  With the two hookers kicking away, hopefully the only ball to take a cleat was the one used to play the game.

The nude rugby international, which takes place each year in Dunedin, New Zealand as a celebration of the county’s national nude day, was played yesterday as a stage-setter for the upcoming match between the All Blacks and France.  Thankfully, that match will be played in full uniforms.

Inflatable fans were not needed here as many people turned out to watch the tradition continue, and rather than the usual fists you may see thrown at a Romanian rugby match, the only thing flying in New Zealand was the balls.

When it was all said and done, the match went off without a hitch, except for the one streaker who interupted play for a moment.  The ironic part is he was fully clothed.

Hat Tip -[Guardian]

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