Fans Take On Security In Romanian Soccer Riot

Fans Take On Security In Romanian Soccer RiotTotal Pro Sports – Isn’t it supposed to be about the players playing the game?  Someone should tell Romanian soccer fans that, as they decided to put their own stamp on the Romanian Cup final.  Luckily this time no Romanian refs pulled out their guns.

In the dying moments of CFR Cluj’s 3-0 victory over Timisoara, fans of the losing side attempted to take part in the action.  First a couple of fans stormed the field, one getting directly in the play and screening the goalies as a goal was scored.  He then did what any soccer player would do after a goal and ran around aimlessly in celebration.

Funny part was he began looking around to see where security was chasing him from, but could not find any possible threats.  That was because stadium officials and riot police were busy in the corner of the stadium containing the rowdy fans who began starting fires and setting flares.  Chairs and rocks were also being thrown at authorities as the game came to a sudden halt.

Such incidents are nothing new to soccer games, and this comes just over a week after one fan died at a Copa Brazil match.  At least it wasn’t the players fighting this time, although maybe that would have worked out a lot better.

So how did police end this madness?  With a sudden rush of the out-of-control fans, pushing them over the stadium fence.  Just think of it as taking out the trash.  The Romanian fans were tough, up until their opponents decided to fight back.

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