Lakers Win, Let The Riots Begin!

la-lakers-riot-1Total Pro Sports – The Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles riot police had a lot in common last night.  Both attempted to put up a fight, but in the end they were just no match for their opponents.

Making a huge run in the second quarter that would give them a double-digit lead, the Lakers took control of game 5 of their NBA championship series against the Magic, and they never looked back, winning the game 99-86 and the series 4-1.  It is the teams 15th NBA title, but with the way fans in Los Angeles reacted, you would think it was their first.

Perhaps a bit of rioting is expected after a team wins a major league championship, but Laker fans took it to a whole new level, smashing cars, starting fires and looting stores.  Adam Rose of the Los Angeles Times described the scene, stating the following:

Shortly after the big win, revelers gathered outside Staples Center and, uh, trimmed trees to make kindling for a fire in the middle of the street. I know times are tough, but if you’re trying to survive these cold Southern California summers, it’s easier to put on a T-shirt. [LA Times]

It is unsure whether LA police handled rioters in the same fashion as Toronto police did to TFC fans.  Seems more like something we would see in the stands of a soccer game.  Although not even Barcelona fans seemed this out of control during their celebration.  Messi’s antics may have been the closest thing to what we saw in LA last night.

Here are some clips of the riots.