Nick Pace Delivers Unreal Flying Knee KO At Bellator XI

Nick Pace Delivers Unreal Flying Knee KO At Bellator XI

Total Pro Sports – All the talk in the MMA world was surrounding the UFC 99 card which featured some high profile fighters.  Much to everyone’s surprise, the knockout of the weekend would come from a Bellator XI match between Nick Pace and Collin Tebo.  Of course, those who saw Chad Leonhardt’s vicious knee, Toby Imada’s inverted triangle choke, or Yahir Reyes spinning backfist KO, have become all too familiar with the highlight reel endings that Bellator fighters have provided in the past.

Bringing back memories of Jose Aldo’s WEC 41 “knockout of the night” just a week earlier, Nick Pace delivered a flying knee to the face of opponent Collin Tebo, knocking him out cold 1:37 into the first round.  It was quite possibly the most perfect Muay Thai flying knee that you will see.  With his hands out to defend himself, Tebo’s chin was left open and that is exactly where Pace’s knee landed.  Tebo was out, landed flat on his back, and took one more nasty overhand punch to the head before the ref stopped the fight.

Bellator has continues to give us outstanding highlights, quickly making a name for themselves in the MMA world.  With the 2009 year almost half way through there have been several “MMA knockout of the year” candidates already.  We can only hope that there are more to come.

Here is Nick Pace’s flying knee KO.

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