Pro Wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa Dies During Match

pro-wrestler-mitsuharu-misawa-dies-during-matchTotal Pro Sports – A routine suplex turned into an extremely scary scene at the Hiroshima Green Arena a couple of days ago.  Pro wrestler, and founder of NOAH, Mitsuharu Misawa died of a heart attack during a tag-team match for the Global Honored Crown tag-team championship.

Misawa was teamed with Go Shiozak for the fight, and their opponents were Bison Smith and Akitoshi Saito.  Approximately 15 minutes into the fight, Saito delivered what is being described as a “routine suplex.”  Misawa was not getting up and stopped breathing.  The fighters on hand surrounded the ring as medics attempted to revive him.  It was clear that something had gone devastatingly wrong as he was being given CPR, and fans grew extremely silent before beginning to chant Misawa’s name.

Misawa was taken to an ambulance and rushed to the hospital, but did not make it.  Not experiencing the same luck as Anthony Van Loo, he reportedly died on the way there at the age of 46.  The show was halted following the incident and wrestlers were told to return to their trailers.  When news broke of Misawa’s death, they were regrettably informed.

Mitsuharu Misawa did not make many trips to North America, but was a wrestling legend in Japan.  He did wrestle Bret “The Hitman” Hart in 1990 as Tiger Mask, but was more notable for his great matches in his home country.

Such tragedies have for long been prevalent in the sports-entertainment business of pro wrestling.  The extremely demanding physical nature of the sport, and the heavy workload have caused extremely traumatizing effects to the bodies of these athletes.  Some have also been know to subject themselves to different types of drugs, causing increased concern regarding the health of the sport.  It isn’t know whether any foul play is suspected in this case, and will likely not be know for some time.

Regardless of the nature of such a tragedy, it is an extremely sad moment for the sporting world.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Misawa family and those close to this wrestling legend.

Here is footage of the incident.  The crowd cheers in an attempt to help their fallen hero, but in the end it sadly was not enough.

Hat Tip – [Pro Wrestling Insider]

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