Razorback Fans Get A Little Rowdy On Live News

Razorback Fans Get A Little Rowdy On Live NewsTotal Pro Sports – Baseball does not seem to get much attention on College campuses, or on television for that matter.  Maybe that’s why fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks decided to take full advantage of their opportunity in front of the camera.  Too bad Mike Irwin of KFSM Fayetteville wasn’t feeling their needs.

As Mike is giving his report on the College World Series, some young fans (we assume they are students) begin to get in some face time.  They look like a bunch of stunned boys who have never seen a camera before.  Then, as more continue to gather, they wait for the right moment and ambush the camera shot.  Irwin receives several bumps before deciding to do some tossing of his own.

Mike seems a little wound up after the incident, even attempting to give one final mic to the head to a student who yell at the camera.  Maybe this is payback to reporters after Pat Tomasulo’s made a child cry.  That’s live TV for you.  You just can’t edit that kind of stuff out.  At least he was careful with his language.  Roger Millions can’t say the same.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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