Show Your Support For Simona Halep’s Breasts On Facebook

simona-halep-facebook-groupTotal Pro Sports – What better way to show your support for something than by creating a Facebook group.  So why should you join this group?  Because it is the only way to show your support for Simona Halep and her lovely breasts.

The saga continues for this 17-year-old tennis star as her large breasts continue to get enormous amounts of publicity.  First she revealed her plans to get breast reduction surgery, then such plans became all to real as it was reported that she had scheduled a date with the hospital.  Now tennis fans and breast fans alike are showing their support for Simona’s sweater-puppets by beginning a facebook group which is against the breast reduction surgery.  I wonder if Alena Schurkova is a member of the group yet?

How this will affect her decision remains unknown.  As of now (Momnday, April 15, 2009 @ 1:30pm) there are 798 members of this group.  The goal is one million, as stated in the group name, “Juntemos un millon de firmas para que SIMONA HALEP no se reduzca los senos” (Together a million signatures for Simona Halep not to reduced her breasts).  If there was ever a worthy cause that needed your support, here it is.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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