Artie Lange Takes Over On Joe Buck Live

Artie Lange Takes Over On Joe Buck LiveTotal Pro Sports – Artie Lange made his way onto the airwaves last night, and of all the possible shows he could have done it on, it was none other than Joe Buck’s debut show.  In case you don’t remember, that’s the same Joe Buck who was insulted by Randy Moss faking to moon the Green Bay crowd.  Yes, you heard me.  FAKING!  So what does he plan on doing with Artie Lange and his NSFW mouth.

During “overtime” of the debut of Joe Buck Live last night, Joe Buck was noticeably flustered by the Howard Stern Show comedian Lange, who threw some interesting comments out there including a discussion on male threesomes and the likely failure of Joe’s show.  Luckily this segment was only seen on  It had all the swearing you would expect form a Petr Sykora Stanley Cup lift, a segment of Coaches Corner, or an interview with Ervin Santana.  Perhaps they may want to consider getting Alex Rios on the show.  He seems to be comfortable using such language.

So how long will the Joe Buck show last?  Artie predicts no more than four shows, but as long as they keep Joe from preventing all the fun that guys like Artie bring to it, this show may actually be worth a watch.  As for HBO, they described Lange’s performance as “boardered on bad taste,” and having a “mean-spirited tone.”  Mean spirited would be having Joe Buck run his own show.  What better way to deprive viewers of quality television.  Have a look for yourself.

Here is the overtime segment.

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