Balsillie’s Bid To Buy and Move Coyotes Rejected

jim-balsillie1Total Pro Sports – With the NHL season over, there is now plenty of time to talk about the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes moving North of the Boarder to Hamilton, Ontario.  Well after yesterday’s court ruling, that issue has ended as well.

Judge Redfield T. Baum announced in a 21 page decision that he has rejected the offer put forth by Balsillie because the time constraints do not allow for enough time to deal with the unresolved issues stemming from this unprecedented case.  Balsillie set a deadline to which a decision had to be made, else his offer would be removed.  The purpose of such a deadline was so that their future with the organization would be known in time for free agency.

When the offer was rejected, Balsillie made an attempted proposal to the NHL to work together in finding an appropriate relocation fee so that he may move the team out of the Glendale area.  The league rejected as it will look to make the team viable in Phoenix and has stated that there are four interested buyers who have no plans of moving the team.

So is Jim Balsillie finished in his attempt to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton for teh 2009-2010 season?  His spokesman, Bill Walker had the following to say on his behalf:

“Jim Balsillie’s bid to bring a seventh NHL team to Canada continues.  We still think there is enough time for the NHL to approve Mr. Balsillie’s application and move the team to Hamilton by September. The court invited mediation on these issues and Mr. Balsillie is willing to participate in such mediation if the NHL is also willing to do so.”  []

With the way this all played out and the consistent bitterness that has been brewing between Balsillie and the NHL, it doesn’t appear as if that is going to happen.  Expect the Coyotes to be in Phoenix for next year and possibly many more.

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