Carlos Pardo Wins NASCAR Race, Dies In Crash

Carlos Pardo Wins NASCAR Race Dies In Crash

Total Pro Sports – In one of the most tragic and unusual finishes in auto racing ever, NASCAR Mexico driver Carlos Pardo was involved in a terrible accident with only a few laps remaining, leaving his car in hundreds of pieces, ending the race, earning himself the victory, and eventually taking his life.

The race in Pueblo was on the 97th lap when Pardo was nudged from behind, causing him to spin out right into the wall at the pit lane entrance at an estimated 120 mph.  He was eventually removed from the wreckage and taken to the hospital by helicopter where he died 45 minutes later.

Pardo was later awarded the victory as the race was called due to a time limit after the accident.  At the time, he was in the lead.

The crash is unbelievable when seen for the first time.  Auto racing has seen many fatal accidents, but this may be the most devastating I have ever witnessed.  It looks as though a giant explosion had taken place upon impact and it even appears as though the end of the wall was broken off as a result.  There was no avoiding this crash, and unfortuantely Pardo did not have the same luck as this rally car driver.  Not even the impact of a giant school bus into the wall can compare with what was witnessed on this track just east of Mexico City.

NASCAR Mexico is a partnership of NASCAR and the Mexican live entertainment company CIE.  In an attempt to expand their product overseas, the large American auto racing group just showed Mexicans the dangers involved in their sport.  It is a sad moment for Pardo’s friends and family, as well as members of NASCAR Mexico, but if there is any consolation, at least Carlos went out on top.

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