Erin Andrews Butt Cam Is Newest ESPN Invention

Erin Andrews Butt Cam Is Newest ESPN InventionTotal Pro Sports – What better way to make college baseball more interesting than trying out some new things.  ESPN did so during the game between Arkansas and LSU when they showed viewers what they have all been waiting for.  Drum roll please……The ESPN Erin Andrews Butt Cam!  Its everything the name says it is.  Maybe that’s what had Razorback fans all revved up on the evening news.

During this College World Series game, a camera mix up led to several seconds of on air ass.  That beautiful bottom on your screen belonged to none other than Playboy’s 2009 Sexiest Sportscaster, Erin Andrews.  Unfortunately there was no Rey Maualuga present to grind with her.

Erin will be covering the big college event for the coming weeks, and will likely be taking down a few ballpark meals while she is there.  What better way to get a bunch of horny college boys going that to have this bombshell present.  At least those who are not there to see her live can still get themselves a good view.

Speaking of good views, here is the Erin Andrews Butt Cam.

Hat Tip – [Fan House]

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