Indians Celebrate Anniversary of “Major League” Movie

rick-wild-thing-vaughnTotal Pro Sports – Last night marked the 20th anniversary of the popular baseball comedy “Major League”.  A movie about a dysfunctional Cleveland Indian baseball team that goes on to win the pennant, it is referred to by some as the greatest baseball movie ever, or at least one of the best comedies of the sport.  With the Milwaukee Brewers in town last night, the Indians payed tribute with Bob Ueker throwing out the first pitch.

Ueker was the memorable commentator for the Indians in the movie and came out to a loud ovation from the Cleveland crowd, but the celebration did not stop there.  Fans were also given bobbleheads of none other than Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn.  The popular closing pitcher of the Indians in the movie was played by Charlie Sheen and the plastic figure’s appearance is not too far off.

Cleveland could have used Vaughn last night as they were unable to hold on to a 12-8 lead in the 8th, giving up 6 runs and eentualy losing 14-12.  Unfortunately, besides the score, there was not the type of craziness that you would expect from the movie version of an Indians game.  I guess they could have used a Milton Bradley blooper or K-Rod fight to assist them in that department.