Penguins Fans Have Great Throwing Arms

penguins-fans-have-great-throwing-armsTotal Pro Sports – Should the Pittsburgh Steelers be looking for a replacement quarterback if something terrible happens to Ben Roethlisberger, they may have found the perfect fit at the Penguins Stanley Cup parade.  My only question is how did throwing a football around become part of a hockey celebration?

With the video camera rolling, one fan stood amongst many and as they all cheered him on, he proceeded to toss the pigskin through the window of an adjacent apartment building, about four floors up.  The fans loved it, applauding him as if he had just won the Stanley Cup himself.

The city of Pittsburgh has given themselves the name “City of Champions,” and their fans are proving that their professional teams are not the only ones with supreme athletic abilities.

The Penguins won the NHL’s championship after beating the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in game seven on Friday.  Their celebrations began in Detroit, on the ice and after the game as they headed home on the bus with fans cheering them on, and concluded with yesterday’s parade.  Whether they will get another shot at raising Lord Stanley (and throwing a couple f-bombs while doing so) remains to be seen.

Here is the great toss.

Hat Tip Video – [The Sporting Blog]

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