Supermodel Joanna Krupa Has Some Unkind Words For Terrell Owens On “Superstars”

Supermodel Joanna Krupa Has Some Unkind Words For Terrell Owens On SuperstarsTotal Pro Sports – So the usual chain of events is Terrell Owens rips on a teammate, then the media rips on Terrell Owens.  Well supermodel Joanna Krupa decided to turn the whole thing inside out and get in on the action.

A clip was discovered for the upcoming show “Superstars” which will debut on ABC June 23rd, 2009.  The idea stems from earlier versions of the show which pitted athletes of different sports against each other in several different athletic competitions, somewhat like a decathlon.  The rebirth of the show will pair athletes with celebrities in a team competition, and yours truly, Terrell Owens, will be teamed with Joanna Krupa.  Just another way for TO to get on your television screen.  Here is a list of the other pairings:

  • Jeff Kent and Ali Landry
  • Robert Horry and Estella Warren
  • Bode Miller and Paige Hemmis
  • Jennifer Capriati and David Charvet
  • Lisa Leslie and Dan Cortese
  • Brandi Chastain and Julio Iglesias Jr.
  • Kristi Leskinen and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

In this clip, a sneak peek of what to expect from the show, Joanna shows frustration with the Buffalo Bills wideout, calling him a prima donna and questioning how he calls himself an athlete.

In all fairness, it is likely that Joanna was pulling the typical supermodel act and being a prima donna herself.  This could be a match made in heaven.  Now well have something else to add to the Terrell Owens soundtrack.

Hat Tip Video – [Big Lead]

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