Tennis To Begin Penalizing Grunters

7365555Total Pro Sports – It is one of the more unusual parts of the game.  Men and Women of the tennis world who feel the need to grunt at each swing of the racket.  Hockey players do not grunt when taking shots or delivering hits.  Baseball players don’t do it when pitching or hitting.  Basketball players refrain from grunting while shooting.  So why are tennis players so inclined to making such orgasmic music while on the court?

Whatever the answer is, the International Tennis Federation is not buying it.  Reports indicate that they are considering the possibility of penalizing players whose grunting may be deemed a distraction to opposing players.  This comes off off the heals of Michelle Larcher de Brito’s incident at the French Open with Aravane Rezai, who complained to judges about the loud noises of her opponent.  The penalty for such infractions would be the loss of points during the match.

Many of the accused grunters, a list which also includes Maria Sharapova in addition to Lancher de Brito, were part of Nick Bollettieri’s academy in Florida, although he insists he does not train his players to grunt, stating the following:

“My staff and I have never taught grunting.  We have always taught the proper way to breathe in and out. Players grunt because it helps them release energy and keep focused.  It is something that they do naturally. It isn’t something that is done deliberately to hurt their opponents.” [Daily Mail]

Sharapova is the loudest grunter on tour at 101 decibels.  Pretty loud when you consider a lion’s roar to be 110 decibels.  There is no record of Larcher de Brito’s grunt, but I would assume it is louder than the 110 put up by the lion.  Just listen for yourself.

Tennis is looking to get rid of such distractions, but if that is the case, maybe they should consider doing something about the large breasts some of the women on the tour possess.  Having those fun bags bounce up and down in the background as one is trying to concentrate on the ball can make things extremely difficult.  Yes Simona Halep, we are looking at you!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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