Does Anyone Really Care About Sammy Sosa And his Steroids?

sammy-sosa-steroidsTotal Pro Sports – So I may be a little behind in reporting that former MLB slugger Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003.  Well let me tell you something.  Everyone reporting this yesterday and today were years behind.  Let’s be serious now.  Who in their right mind still believed that Sammy was clean?  Anyone?  That’s what I thought.

It is no secret that many of the sluggers from the ’90s were using steroids or other PEDs.  So why does everyone get so excited when another story like this breaks out?  Manny Ramirez may have come as a bit of a surprise.  A-Rod as well.  But we all knew about Sosa, and the best part is now he can’t even hide behind his poor English-speaking abilities.

Reports came in yesterday from the New York Times stating that Sosa was among the 104 players who tested positive in the MLB’s anonymous 2003 survey.  Sosa is now the fifth player of the top six home run hitters since 1994 to be linked to PEDs.  He joins Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro.  The only one on that list who remains untainted is Jim Thome.

So where does this take us?  Nowhere really.  It seems like just another case of “tell me something I don’t know.”  Sosa can no longer hide behind his lies and it is with great hope that his name never enters the baseball hall of fame.  How sad is it when the only person we can seemingly believe in baseball is Jose Canseco.

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