The Most Amazing Street Basketball Tricks Ever

The Most Amazing Street Basketball Tricks Ever

Total Pro Sports – Many people talk about how the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition is loosing its aura because of the lack of creativity.  Players these days just don’t have anything new to offer, and how can we blame them.  There is only so much the body can do.  Ball through the legs dunk.  Jump over a player dunk.  Jump from the free throw line dunk.  Been there, done that.

We have seen it over and over and over, but finally someone has something new to offer.  Only problem is these guys don’t play in the NBA.  Now we just have to figure out where to find them.

This video may without a doubt be the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in my life.  Shooting buckets with his feet while doing front flips.  Holding on to the rim with their hands and dunking with their feet.  This group of guys combine their soccer and basketball abilities to put on a tremendous show.  I wonder if the famous soccer dribbler would be able to do the same.

My suggestion is we get these boys on the floor for 30 minutes during All-Star weekend to entertain us.  They may not have the power to bring down shot clocks like Dwight Howard, but their level of difficulty will put even LeBron James to shame.  He may have some tricks up his sleeve, but nothing like this.

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