Tom Brady’s Life Saved By Elementary School Art Teacher

tom-brady-and-robin-leedTotal Pro Sports – What ever happened to the days when sports athletes would use their incredible strengths and athletic abilities to save the average Joe from a burning building or an icy lake.  These days Tom Brady, a.k.a. the greatest man on Earth, can’t even save himself.  Luckily elementary school art teacher Robin Leed was there to help.  Too bad none of her friends believe her.

It was seemingly just another day for Robin at Community Boating Inc. on Beacon Hill.  that is until she found out Tom Brady and wife Gisele had rented a couple of kayaks for the day.  Tom was reportedly racing a friend when his flipped, and that’s when it was time for Robin to come to the rescue.  She described her day as follows:

“My friend Jonathan Yasuda and I were out sailing and when we brought the boat back to the mooring and were tying up, one of the guys from Community Boating came over in the motorboat to pick us up.  He told us, ‘You’ll never guess who just rented boats from us – Tom and Gisele.'”

“When we got out to them, Tom was in the river and his kayak was upside down and full of water. It was so heavy, he couldn’t turn it over.  We asked him, ‘Do you need any help?’ and he said ‘Yeah.’ ” [Boston Herald]

Gisele, who was near by in her own kayak when the incident took place, was talking about how Tom’s kayak was narrower and therefore hard to balance.  Way to cover up for the big star quarterback Gisele.

It’s a shame Mark Sanchez wasn’t there in his Baywatch uniform to save Tom.  Hopefully the incident doesn’t have any effects on his return to the field.

When they got back to the boathouse, Robin asked Brady if he would take a picture with her.  The Patriots’ playcaller told her, “Of course, you guys saved my life.”  Maybe they should have asked for a little more.  Perhaps a Superbowl ring?

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