Groundskeeper Falls, Gets Caught Under Tarp During Rain Delay

groundskeeper-falls-gets-caught-under-tarp-during-rain-delayTotal Pro Sports – It is a grounds keeper’s moment of truth.  They sit patiently in the stadium, ready for action at any time, and when the rain starts to come down, its go time!

It was go time indeed at the Great American Ballpark on Tuesday night for the game between the Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds.  A rain delay midway through the game brought the grounds crew out, and they came out hard.  Unfortunately for one member, it was a bit too hard.

Robin Habisch was running along with the other members as they covered the field, but at one point she slipped up on the wet tarp and hit the ground.  It is the responsibility of grounds keepers to continue covering the field, even when there is a fallen soldier, and this case was no different.  Robin initially felt the urge to hold on for dear life, but after a few seconds of dragging her along, another member of the crew told her to let go and she disappeared under the giant cover.

Protocol for these individuals is that when they fall, they are too just let go and accept the fact that they will be covered by the tarp.  Robin stuck to those rules, and would eventually make her way out from under the tarp to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Robin was kind enough to take part in an interview following the embarrassing moment, and even received some heckling from the crew while live on television.  She took insults a lot better than Alex Rios.

She stated that although not injured, she did get a bit banged up.  Maybe when Cristiano Ronaldo is done with his massage the creepy man can give her a rub down.

Don’t sweat it Robin.  There are good days and bad days.  Grounds crews and ball girls can’t always be perfect, unless you are Kelli Curci.

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