Look Out MMA World. Blocks 52 Is Back!

block-52Total Pro Sports – Many of the fighters you see in the ring are trained in several different martial arts and fighting styles.  Some prefer Muay Thai, others jiu-jitsu or wrestling.  Even boxing has become part of the repertoire for MMA fighters these days.  There are plenty of options out there now and another may soon be added to the mix.

It goes by many different names: Saito, jailhouse rock,  the 52 hand blocks, 52 blocks, and sometimes just 52. Although it may soon be the next big thing in MMA fighting, it has been around for a long time.  It was supposedly born from black prize fighting and developed on the streets and in prisons.

So what is the point of such fighting and what are its strengths?  The New York Times describes as follows:

“They say offense wins fights but defense wins championships,” Mr. Burly said. He said the 52 Blocks’ great strength was what he saw as its ability to let the user control the pace of a fight, while avoiding being hit. When Mr. Burly moves, his compact frame easily slips around and away from punches and attempts to grab him. He blocks punches with the tips of his elbows and drops to a crouch to attack his opponent’s legs. [New York Times]

So how effective can 52 blocks be in the ring?  Some fighters have been connected to the style, including “The Ultimate Fighter” season 10 contestant Kimbo Slice, and former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, who describes it as “really practical boxing.”  Maybe some more 52 blocks training is the answer to regaining his belt from Lyoto Machida.  I wonder how it defends against the flying knee or spinning backfist.

Hat Tip Video – [New York Times]

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