MotoGP Racer Julian Simon’s Early Celebration Costs Him The Race

motogp-racer-julian-simons-early-celebration-costs-him-the-raceTotal Pro Sports – For a short period of time, Julian Simon was on top of the world.  Unfortunately, that time came one lap too early, and not soon after he likely wished he could just dig himself a hole to crawl in.

Going into the final lap with the lead at the Catalan Grand Prix, Simon seemingly had the victory within his grasp.  Only problem is he thought it was all wrapped up just a bit too soon.  Unaware of what lap he was on, Simon began to pump his fists in celebration of what he though was the race win.  That was until he saw he crew members waving a sgn showing one lap remained.  By then it was too late.  He watched as five racers passed him and his hopes of a podium finish were dashed as he finished 4th.

Such an error can be devastating to one’s psyche.  Julian may want to speak to Milton Bradley, who has some experience in similar situations.  He may also want to consider using the MotoGP girls as an excuse.  Whatever his explanation, there is always a bright side.  After all, at least his race didn’t end like Carlos Pardo’s.

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