Coach Arrested After Urinating During Little League Baseball Game

public-urination1Total Pro Sports – Getting all boozed up and going to coach your team’s little league baseball game is likely not the best of ideas.  That’s what Major League Baseball is for.  It offers all the fights, hooter shooters, strip shows and male-bonding acts that a drunk spectator can possibly ask for.

Frederick Goodwin, 42, is the coach of a midget team in Watertown, NY.  Wednesday evening he decided that coaching Little League was so easy, he could do it drunk.  That was exactly what he did, but Goodwin likely didn’t consider the backlash he would receive from parents.  When they noticed he was intoxicated, they informed Watertown police chief Joe Goss who was in attendance watching his son play with the other 8-10 year olds.

The city’s recreation director, Jayme St. Croix was contacted and made his way to the park to discuss the situation with Goss.  That’s when Goodwin made his way down the first base line towards the outfield to “water the grass” with some of his booze.  As he stood their urinating with his back to the field, the parents and officials had enough.  Patrol was called and Goodwin was escorted off the field.

This is not the first incident for Goodwin, as he was arrested by state police for a DWI in May.

Goodwin has been banned from coaching in the league.  Maybe someone like himself is better suited for just watching from the stands.

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