Money From NHL Players Used To Fund MLB Stripper Parties

roger-clemens-stripper-partyTotal Pro Sports – Throwing a party for all you favorite MLB players can be quite expensive.  All the booze, women, and other expenses can tally up to equal one large bill.  So how do you afford such things?  By scamming hockey players.  That’s what golf-resort developed Ken Jowdy did.

Nineteen former and current NHL players, many who have played with the New York Rangers and Islanders, are suing Jowdy for their $25 million dollars back that they had invested, plus and extra $15 in damages for his failure to build two luxury resorts in Mexico, which are seven years behind schedule.

So what exactly did Jowdy do with all that money?  The New York Post described his spending as so:

(T)he players say, Jowdy got rowdy, squandering their cold cash on “lavish parties” that included “various female porn stars, escorts, strippers [and] party girls” to impress (Roger) Clemens, (Reggie) Jackson, banned star Pete Rose and ESPN announcer Joe Morgan, one of the suits filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges.

Only baseball greats got to attend — the hockey players were not invited to the revelry, a source said. [New York Post]

It is reported that the biggest losers of the NHL players were former Islanders Bryan Berard and Michael Peca, who each lost $700,000 and former Ranger Mattias Norstrom who lost $600,000.  Other notable players who were also scammed include Chris Simon, Greg deVries, Steve Rucchin, Rem Murray, Turner Stevenson and 2009 Pittsburgh Penguin Stanley Cup champion Sergei Gonchar.  I don’t believe this stopped Sergei from attending the party at Lemieux’s house and swimming with the Cup.

Suits also claim that Jowdy’s expenses went beyond just the parties, women and booze to include the following:

  • Putting a woman close to Clemens, Adrian Moore, on the payroll.
  • Purchased three private planes to fly himself, friends, baseball players and their female companions to Mexico, New York, Palm Springs and Las Vegas
  • Hired Brian McNamee as a personal trainer
  • Paid himself a salary of $800,000 plus expenses, and construction manager Ken Ayers a $550,000 salary even though he has spent less than 20 days on the site in seven years.

Roger Clemens has once again seen his day of reckoning, and this will be just another thing he has to defend himself against.  As for Joe Morgan, he has already begun doing so, writing to stating that he “never went to any of those parties.”  There is no shame in admitting that you gave in to booze and hot women who are willing to do anything for you Joe.

Just doesn’t surprise me anymore when I hear baseball players and those involved in the game denying accusations.

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