Series Sweep Causes Phillies Fans To Fight Each Other

series-sweep-causes-phillies-fans-to-fight-each-otherTotal Pro Sports – The past three days in Philadelphia have not been the kindest to the defending World Series Champion Phillies.  Yesterday’s afternoon game saw fans reach their boiling point and rather than unleashing their frustration on Mets fans, this time they did so on each other.

The Jays completed a three game sweep of the Phillies at Citizens Bank field after a pinch hitter Rob Barajas hit an extra innings homer to put the Jays in front and they held on for the victory, taking all three games in Philadelphia.  That’s enough to get anyone mad, and these fans showed their anger.

Sportsnet caught the fight on camera, which consists of two separate battles.  One has a giant man throwing a punch at another fairly large man who clearly wants no part in the fisticuffs.  As the two jaw at each other and others attempt to break it up, two women begin to throw punches across their seats.  Security finally ends the ruckus, but not before some knuckle sandwiches are eaten.  And I thought Philadelphia was known for their Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of the patented Bruce Lee flying kick.  How disappointing.

Hat Tip Video – [Busted Coverage]

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