Steeler Nation Alive And Well In Iran

Steeler Nation Apparently Alive And Well In IranTotal Pro Sports – An interesting pic that speaks volumes.  What does it say?  That Steeler Nation extends beyond North America and as far away as Iran.  Oh, and also that the people continue to fight for their right to a fair political vote as the battle between those in power who silence the majority, and the public who refuses to have their voices muted carries on.

This pic got out along with many others who have sent images and videos of protests that the Iranian government has attempted to cover up through its media clampdown.  This is the second picture we have seen of an Iranian supporting an American sports team.  Last time it was the Ohio State Buckeyes shirt which made our screens (see below).  Its great to see sports fans supporting the fight against such cruel indecencies, wherever they may occur.

Here is the pic of the Buckeyes supporter.

Hat tip – [P.S.A.M.P]


Ohio State supporter in Iran

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