Fake Umpires Take Their Show On The Road

Fake Umpires Take Their Show On The RoadTotal Pro Sports – The fake umpires were back and they took their show on the road this weekend.  And no, we are not talking about Mike Winters and Adrian Johnson.  Instead, the “real” fake empires we are referring to are Tim Williams and Joe Farrell, the two men who park themselves in their seats behind home plate at Toronto Blue Jay games and make gestures for balls, strikes and outs.

These two have taken their popularity to Washington where the Jays were playing a 3-game series against the Nationals on the weekend.  Not only did they perform their usual behind-the-plate- actions, but the Nats organization even invited them onto the field to judge the presidents race between Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  And the winner?  George Washington, of course.

Following the final call, Jefferson was not too pleased, but one thing we have learned about the FUGs (Fake Umpire Guys) is that they are not afraid to throw out anyone.  This time it was the third president of the United States of America who got the old heave ho.

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