Kid Hits A Crazy Full Court Flip Shot. Try That LeBron!

kid-hits-a-crazy-full-court-flip-shot-try-that-lebronTotal Pro Sports – During the NBA playoffs we got to see some great trick shots from LeBron James.  One came from on his ass and another from way beyond the court, but this young eighth-grader easily out did him with one simple flip.

The gym was packed to watch him give it a shot.  He lines up at the other end of the court, takes a couple steps, then performs a front flip with the ball in his hands and lets it fly as he come up.  It is reminiscent of the soccer flip-throw in that one unlucky player took in the face.  Only difference is this time the ball wasn’t rejected by someone’s teeth.

When the shot goes through the net, the fans go wild.  His friends mob him as he rejoices.  Congratulations kid.  You are the latest YouTube star.  Maybe these basketball tricksters may want to give him a shot on their squad.

Hat Tip Video – [Balls Don’t Lie]

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