Yankees vs. Marlins Fan Fights Make Kids Cry

yankees-vs-marlins-fan-fights-make-kids-cryTotal Pro Sports – We have seen the fan fights before.  At AT&T Park, Citizens Bank Field, Yankee Stadium, and now LandShark Stadium.  May seem like the same old fan fight (which I still think never gets old) but this one had an added dimension to it.

Fans of the opposing teams squared off yesterday during the Yankees vs. Marlins ball game.  The fight was good, with the Yanks fan throwing some nice haymakers and the Marlin fan retaliating by tossing him over some seats, but it was after the fight which was the most dramatic part.

The Yankee dad just so happened to have his young daughter there, and she reacted like any young child would after seeing her father get thrown on his back.  Crying her eyes out.  What a great way to spend father’s day.  Proving that you are still the world’s strongest dad to you children.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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